Life on an Island

Life on an island is awesome because there is freedom, peace, and happiness all around. I can see the blue relaxing waves of the sea and the bright sun shining on the water. The water is as clear as crystal. I can see the white sea birds and hear their squeaking and squealing. I can see the multitudes of greenery and lots of foliage that looks like it was painted on! There are beautiful flowers in hues of pink, purple, red, and yellow. I can feel the cold breeze against my face. The sounds of the sea crawling into sand is satisfying. I can see the leaves rustling and can see them fluttering in the breeze. I also feel warm and cozy when I smell the green rich and the fresh smell of the salty ocean. There is a fresh and fruity smell all around. I take in the taste and aroma of the salty water and yummy grilled or roasted seafood being made there on the open grill. Life on an island is always an enjoyable and breathtaking experience!

By Sumaiya Sheikh