Life on an island

When I got out of my luxurious hotel, I saw a charming beach that was as beautiful as the sun. The water was as clear as crystal. This motivated me to jump in the alluring water. I took permission from my gorgeous mom and eagerly jumped into the fascinating crystal clear water with my naughty cousins. Silky sand was glued to my entire body. After I took shower I smelt the mouthwatering scent of delicious biryani which my mother brought for the lunch. It perfectly matched with a glass of fresh coconut water. After a scrumptious lunch, we drank some flavourful mint tea which was as hot as the sun. From there I saw a lazy turtle crawling on the beach which made me wonder about the vastness of the marine kingdom. I was wearing my new red strawberry coloured hat and sunglasses which protected my eyes from the scorching sunlight. The whole experience was soothing and calming. For a while, I forgot all the stresses and the hustle-bustle of my hectic city life. It was like a fantasy

By Aena Adnan