Have you ever ridden a rocket? Well, here is my experience as a passionate astronaut. It was early morning on planet Earth. I was preparing for my remarkable takeoff with NASA assistants and astronauts. It was really a proud moment for everybody, especially for me because I had to slog every day to reach this pinnacle of my dreams. Even though I was looking forward to this mysterious and flamboyant journey, I was still quite anxious about my decision because the possibilities of an accident were never inexistent. The take-off count down had started, Feeling petrified and excited at the same time, I could feel my heart merely trying to escape my body!. (One..two..) When I finally calmed myself down. The rocket moved as fast as a shooting star. It was all going as planned, I reached space after breaking through the atmosphere at a very surf speed and for the first time in my life, my eyes could see planet earth as a beautiful blue sphere like a bouncy ball that I imagined playing basketball with. While I was enjoying the sight unexpectedly there was a loud alarm, I immediately suspected an oxygen leak. Contacting the NASA controllers, slowly losing breath. Astonished and frightened, was I going to die? , I closed my eyes and recited my prayers. Suddenly… I could breathe again and sighed with relief as I could inhale some fresh oxygen after all! It has yet still been a mystery about what happened aboard the space shuttle. Nobody could explain it but I knew deep down that it was a test and a miracle sent by Allah.

By Haniya Yasir