A Cold Winter Morning

When I woke up, I could feel the frosty air coming in from my open window. My family and I had gone to Murree for the winter holidays. We were staying at a glamorous hotel that overlooked the wonderful snow-capped mountains.

I quickly wore my blue jacket and polished boots and went outside. Everything was covered in snow, children were skiing, making snowmen, and having snowball fights. I could see tiny snowflakes falling from the sky and there was a thick fog in the atmosphere. People were dressed in thick woolen clothes and were wearing long leather jackets to keep themselves warm. They were wearing white gloves and I saw a man with a nose as red as a rose.

I was feeling so cold that I went back to the hotel room! There was a fire crackling and a kettle boiling because my mother was making coffee for herself. My teeth were chattering so I sat in front of the fireplace and started roasting marshmallows.

I could smell the delicious aroma of the roasted marshmallows and the piping hot soup that had just been served by the helpful waiter. For dinner, there was spicy barbecued chicken and a selection of other winter delicacies. The snow had stopped so we went outside to eat. I was famished and my stomach was growling so I happily tucked into the perfectly cooked succulent pieces of tasty chicken. It was fantastic and I enjoyed every bite!

Later at night, there was a bonfire. I could hear the fire crackling and hissing as the wood burned brightly in it. The bright blazing orange fire looked magnificent in the dark night. It made me feel warm and cheerful. Finally, it was time to sleep. I felt very cozy and comfortable in my soft magenta pink quilt. It was an amazing holiday and I am very grateful to Allah for letting me experience another joyful winter. I am also looking forward to spring and all the beautiful flowers and foliage to start growing and blossoming again.

By Rumaehsa Bawany