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Purpose Built Campus


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Balanced Education


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23,000 sq yds

Purpose-Built Campus


Spending 14 vital years at Reflections, I am hugely indebted to the school and the staff for shaping my personality. Reflections, not only emphasizes on academic excellence and extra-curricular activities, but it also provides a wholistic Islamic atmosphere, in which, the young generation is upbrought. A major part of the sense of responsibility towards my Deen has been inculcated into me by Reflections. I would personally endorse studying at Reflections for all students so that they truly strive to become God-fearing leaders and individuals.

Zaid Bilal

Alumnus Reflections

My sons have been at Reflections for the past 9 years and I have found it to be the perfect school for them. Reflections has helped my children not only excel in Islam but also in academics. It provides an environment that is competitive yet conducive to learning.

Farha Naz

Parent and Teacher

Reflections has molded me into the person that I am today. Reflections not only groomed me to get into the best of colleges with the best of grades but also groomed my character to be aligned with that of a God fearing leader. The support and love that I got from Reflections at every stage of my life will always remain unforgettable and my second home will always remain irreplaceable. I will leave with the hope that this school will keep being a home for many more like me and that all will leave with heart-warming memories to cherish forever.

Minahil Hassan

Alumna Reflections

My association with Reflections dates back over ten years. After working for other schools, I found Reflections to have a wholesome atmosphere, the walls resounding with the recitation of the Quran. The ideals and ethics of this institution warrant all staff members to follow the Islamic way of life that many offer, but Reflections delivers on a daily basis.

Yasmeen Vazeer

Senior Staff Member

I as a teacher had great time at Reflections because of the working environment. My students, my colleagues, the helpers and the management were very helpful n considerate. I not only taught but learnt both the values of deen n duniya. It was the most memorable part of my life. May Allah help the teachers n students in this challenging time n implement new ways of learning n teaching. Ameen

Hena Hussain

Former Teacher

A platform with a perfect combination of religious and worldly studies for your children.

Sadaf Abid


A unique and one of the best schools in Karachi providing a nice blend of conventional studies, Islamic education including Hifz, and physical sports activities.

Nadeem Rauf Qureshi


The best thing I found about Reflections School is that the students go to school happily & they are willing to learn every time. I strongly recommend this school for those parents who are looking for a platform to equip their children with both Modern & Islamic education.

Sobia Usman