September 5, 2017

Term Tests

Dear Parents,

Commencing this year, tests will be conducted at two or three specific times during the term for the Middle and Senior Sections. In addition, teachers will also conduct quizzes at various times during the term. Each term will conclude with an exam for each subject.

Grades for each term will be a function of the following:

Weightage for Tests and Quizzes       50%

Weightage for end of term Exam        50%

Test and Exam topics and schedules will be provided to students well in advance. A copy of the same will be emailed to parents and also uploaded to the school website.

Students who are absent for the test, quizzes or exam will not be allowed to retake these, except under extenuating circumstances.

For  schedule and list of topics for the First Term Examination, 2017 ; please click here.