November 15, 2017

Senior School Competitions/Events Results

 S.No Name of Event Category Date Venue  Reflections Participants Name/Grade Result Number of teams/schools participating Performance/Ranking of Reflections Students
1 1st In-House Football Tournament (Boys) Sports 28th Aug-12th Sept Reflections Grade 5-8 1st Position Abubakar House 4
2nd Position Ali House
3rd Position Umer House
4th Position Usman House
2 1st In-House Cricket Tournament (Boys) Sports 16th Sept-22nd Sept Reflections Grade 5-8 1st Position Ali House 4
2nd Position Umer House
3rd Position Usman House
4th Position Abubakar House
3 Interschool Basketball Tournament Sports 25th Sept – 27th Sept Lecole, School for Advanced Studies Grade 5-8 1st Position The City School PAF Chapter Reflections 3rd position
2nd Position Haque Academy
3rd Position Reflections
4 Dawn Spelling Bee (Girls) Extra Curicular 6th October  2017 (Round 1) Arts Council, Karachi Lina Nouman 10A All Pakistan Contest Made it to the Regional Round
Zara Noor 11A
13th October 2017 (Regional Round) Hani Zuberi 11A
Dawn Spelling Bee (Boys) 12th October 2017 Shamoun Iqbal 9B None
Mudassir Aizaz
Subhan Aman
5 3rd Interschool Bilingual Declamation Contest 2017 (Girls)  Bilingual Contest 24th October 2017 Reflections Lina Nouman 10A (Urdu) Urdu 15 schools 1st in Urdu & 3rd in English
1st Position Reflections
2nd Position Mama Parsi School
3rd Position The Intellect
Anoushay Rashid 11A (English) English
1st Position Mama Parsi School
2nd Position St. Patricks High School
3rd Position Reflections
3rd Interschool Bilingual Declamation Contest 2017 (Boys) 25th October 2017 Anas Khan 9B (Urdu) Urdu 16 Schools 1st in Urdu
1st Position Reflections
2nd Position Nakhlah School
3rd Position The City School, Darakshan Campus
Maaz 10B (English) English
1st Position St. Pauls High School
2nd Position Hira Foundation
3rd Position St. Michaels Convent School
6 Table Tennis Girls Tournament Sports 24th – 25th October 2017 Reflections, Gymnasium Fatima Rahat 1st Position Reflections 1st Position
Rida Lohdia 2nd Position Nasra
Rumaissa AbdulSalam 3rd Position The City School
Haiqa Jamot
7 Arabic Declamation (Girls) Arabic 7th November 2017 Reflections Areej Amir 8A 1st Position Reflections 8 Schools 1st Position
2nd Position Al Kahf Academy
3rd Position Darul Islah
Arabic Declamation (Boys) Arabic 6th November 2017 Reflections Ammar Zeeshan 8B 1st position Top Leading School 3rd Position
2nd Position Jamitur Rasheed
3rd Position Reflections
8 Intellect Table Tennis Tournament 2017-2018 Sports 28th October 2017 Intellect School Fatima Rahat 1st Position Reflections 1st Position
Rida Lohdia
Rumaissa AbdulSalam
Haiqa Jamot
9 Karachi Athletics Meet Sports Shamoun Iqbal 9B 6th Position (100 m Race)