May 10, 2017

Admissions Test Results – Prep 1

The following children have been shortlisted for admission to Prep -1 for the academic year commencing August 2017:

S. No Childs Name Father’s/ Guardian’s Initials
1 Aaiza Hurain F W
2 Abdullah Gandhi T N M G
3 Ahmed Shafay Seed H M S S
4 Aleeza Abid A A
5 Amal Fahad F H
6 Aminah Faisal F M
7 Ammarah Fawad F S
8 Anum Asif M A
9 Ayan Ali A A
10 Ayesha Sheikh M E
11 Emaan Bandukda A S B
12 Eshal Kashif K K
13 Khadija Faisal F W A
14 Linta Masood M T M
15 M. Hayyan Farrukh M F
16 Mahnoor Ather Chawla M A C
17 Mairaj Baloch M Q B
18 Mikaeel Ather A R
19 Moosa Ali Ansari F A A
20 Muhammad Aaliyan Naveed A N
21 Muhammad Affan Usman M U
22 Muhammad Ammar Abdullah A E
23 Muhammad Arham A A
24 Muhammad Arham Mir M A
25 Muhammad Ausaf Majid M M R
26 Muhammad Bilal Bawany B O B
27 Muhammad Bukhari N H B
28 Muhammad Moosa Uzair U M
29 Muhammad Movvaiz Aamir A H
30 Muhammad Mustafa Baig K B
31 Muhammad Omer M K
32 Muhammad Rayyan Ahmed Jung M A U J
33 Muhammad Rebaal S K
34 Muhammad s/o Arshad Amin A A
35 Muhammad Zaeem Zahid M Z I
36 Naila Farooq F B
37 Noor Fatima A U A Q
38 Samya Saad S S
39 Sanaullah Afnan A A A
40 Syeda Hanaan Fatima H M S
41 Uqbah Brohi H M Y B
42 Zainab Fatima M N
43 Zayan Abdullah A N
44 Zayd bin Obaid O Z
45 Zofisha H U K
46 Zunaira Zohaib Z A

Note for Parents/Guardians of the children listed above:

Admission letters can be collected from the School on Thursday, 18th May 2017 between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Father’s/Guardian’s original CNIC will need to be produced before our staff issues admission documentation.