May 10, 2017

Admissions Test Results – Nursery

 The following children have been shortlisted for admission to the Nursery class for the academic year commencing August 2017:

S.No. Child’s Name Father’s/ Guardian’s Initials
1 Abdul Rahman Tariq T M H
2 Abdullah Adnan Patel A Q P
3 Affan Bin Salman S I
4 Ahmed Ali W A
5 Albash Jamot S J
6 Ali Gohar Khan G A K
7 Ayesha A S
8 Ayesha Masood M T M
9 Azaan Sharif M U S
10 Behroz Baloch M Q B
11 Gulalai Fakhar F A K
12 Hafsa Ahson A T
13 Hafsa Noman N A
14 Hamza Kamran Khan K M K
15 Hashim Asad A R
16 Haya Zohaib Z A R
17 Ibrahim Omer Khan O M K
18 Khadija Hussain M H
19 Khadija Ibrahim Kapadia I S K
20 M. Mustafa Aziz A A K
21 Mohammad Ibrahim S R
22 Muhammad Aariz Naveed A N
23 Muhammad Aayan ul Haq F U H
24 Muhammad Ali A S F
25 Muhammad Ali Faruqi A A F
26 Muhammad Aryaan Tariq T U
27 Muhammad Azaan N I B
28 Muhammad Bilal Salman S Y
29 Muhammad Hashir I A
30 Muhammad Ismail Munqaz M A
31 Muhammad Mahad R Z
32 Muhammad Musaab Arshad D A
33 Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed A B A
34 Muhammad Rayyan A H K
35 Muhammad Umar Khan F K
36 Muhammad Usman U M A
37 Nihaar Aamir Silat M A S
38 Omama Azam M Z
39 Rumaisa Shakir M S K
40 Saarim Talha T S
41 Syed Hammadullah S H
42 Syed Musab Hussain Naqvi S M H N
43 Syed Zaid ibn Ali S A A Z
44 Wania T H
45 Zainab Bint Ashhad S A H
46 Zara Atif A A V

Note for Parents/Guardians of the children listed above:

Admission letters can be collected from the School on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Father’s/Guardian’s original CNIC will need to be produced before our staff issues admission documentation.