August 25, 2015

The Senior School

The Senior School, REFLECTIONS aims at providing an environment  which is conducive to building Muslim character and personality as well as enabling the students to become confident and well-informed in the modern technological world.

The Senior School consists of 4 year groups (ages 13 – 16), starting from year group 8. Year group 8 is equivalent to the 2nd form of Key stage 3, as per British education system at school level. The curriculum and the subjects offered in year group 8 are in continuation of the same in year group 7.

As REFLECTIONS is an affiliate with British Council, Pakistan, the students of year groups 9, 10 and 11 prepare for GCE (General Certificate of Education) Examination or Ordinary levels.

The GCE course work for a variety of subjects is designed to be a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and its application to develop educational skills like analytical reasoning, problem solving and recall of knowledge. It is a universally recognized qualification at secondary level.

It provides an excellent foundation for the students who wish to pursue A- levels, International Baccalaureate Curriculum or Intermediate Higher Secondary at the college level.


List of Subjects Offered:


Compulsory Subjects:


Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu.

Humanities: History, Geography, Islamiat

Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics.



Optional Subjects:

Principles of Accounting / Biology


In addition to these subjects all the students also attend special courses designed for the following Islamic Sources of Knowledge:











For the balanced development of personalities, the students are required to follow a sports program under the supervision of qualified trainers and are given opportunities to participate in Inter-school tournaments along with other co-curricular activities.


As the seeking of knowledge is among a Muslim’s highest responsibilities therefore we aspire to see our students pursuing for higher knowledge and progress both as an individual and as a part of a Muslim society.
Book list of class 8-10

Class 8 presentations –

English – 1. A Tale A bridged.



•  Light

•  Light and shadows

•  Sound


Maths – 1. Line Symmetry.


Class 9 presentations –


•  9.5 Trigonometric ratios

•  10.1 Trigonometric ratios

•  Simple interest

•  Distance and velocity –time graph

•  EM spectrum



•  Ch 1 Teeth and Eating

•  Ch 2 Animal Teeth

•  Transport in plants