August 25, 2015

The Primary School

The holistic development of children in early years lays the foundation for all future learning. Therefore we believe it is vital to acquire positive attitude towards academics that will enable students to become confident and independent members of society.

Our teachers provide opportunities for hands on learning and exploration. They create an environment that encourages students to interact with an array of material and helps to build up the concept in an activity based atmosphere. Students work in groups and thus share and cooperate with peers. Through Mathematical and Environmental Studies activities students develop critical thinking and try to solve problems on their own.

Students follow a variety of co-curricular activities like Articulation, Elocution, Spelling Bee, Readers’ Theatre, Creative Writing and Assembly presentations which strengthen their verbal communication. Reading Program inculcates the habit of reading among the pupils and helps them to become avid readers.

Math Smart is also a regular feature which builds up the ability to calculate mentally. Field trips are a source of informal learning which helps students to grow socially and emotionally. Coffee Morning provides an opportunity for parents to socialize amongst themselves and meet with teachers, informally. We don’t have formal assessments for our students but they are observed on regular basis and an on going record is maintained.

We believe that parental involvement is very important in a child’s life in providing quality education. Regular scheduled parent teacher conferences are a two way communication between home and school. Parents and school need to stand together as team to bring out the best in children.