August 23, 2015

Core Values

Not for Profit: 
Purely for the pleasure of Allah SWT.
Shariah committed:
Following Islamic guidance’s in all practices, procedures and instructions.
Sensitivity and respect for diversity.
Uncompromising standards in all aspect.
Balanced education:
Highest standard in academics and sports, emphasis on Islamic morals and conduct.
The integral components of our vision:
To Provide students with the best possible learning environment. To administer and teach a meaningful and practical Islamic studies curriculum, encouraging our pupils to live and work within Islamic and moral guidelines. To enhance the important of the structure by encouraging the family’s participation n the child’s education To operate as a non-profit, but financially self-sufficient institution.
Our new state of the art campus spread over more then four and a  half acres indicates our commitment to provide an excellent environment for learning. The faculty is design to international standards.