Class 5 [5th October 2017]

Class 5A Homework Urdu کتاب ارشان کا صفحےنمبر8 سوال نمبر 6 مکمل کریں English Word meanings & sentences of week 2   Class 5B Urdu گنتی مکمل کریں (1 تا 100) English Complete the creative writing

Class 8 [5th October 2017]

Class 8A Homework Quran سورۃ النخل آیت نمبر 61__70 تک  نئے الفاظ مغنی یاد کریں English Write the second draft of your speech   Class 8B Science Start working on science exhibition project   Class 8C Arabic Learn words and meaning and complete your essay Urdu Learn your speech

Class 9 [5th October 2017]

Class 9A Homework Economics Ex 2.3 do question Arabic Inshaa Math Complete Ex 3b Urdu Prepare for speech English Prepare for speech   Class 9B Islamiyat Read the notes Physics Drawing of 10 graphs/ solved examples 2.3 & 2.4 Arabic Complete Ex 2 Urdu Speech writing Add. Math Complete chapter 5